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  • Voluntary organisations could not exist without the time energy and commitment of their voluntary management committees. But how much do you really know about your roles and responsibilities? This quiz-based game - QUANDSA - will test your knowledge.

  • Does the word finance send shivers down your spine? Do you know the difference between a cash flow and a budget or did you think they were the same thing? This game will test your knowledge of the financial responsibilities of committee members.

  • How to engage and manage volunteers. In this learning byte you will learn about volunteering and how community groups can attract, benefit from, manage and support volunteers. It has been prepared by Volunteering Centre Fife - the final page of the learning byte gives full contact and other details.

  • The central responsibility of a leader is to provide the climate necessary for creating growth and success. This success may be economic, social or environmental. Ultimately, if your group or organisation's mission is not successful and you do not manage to grow something - skill, knowledge, service, profits, etc - then you have failed in your responsibilities as a leader. Leaders are constantly being asked to make choices, which often fall into three categories - choosing goals, choosing missions and choosing among people. This learning byte will help to guide you through the various aspects of leadership that drive the success of your enterprise.

  • Produced by Volunteer Development Scotland this learning byte deals with four areas of volunteer management. Planning for volunteer involvement; recruiting volunteers; selecting and matching volunteers; support and retention of volunteers. These topics are available in two different learning options - a fifteen minute just in time overview, and a more detailed thirty minute guide.