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  • Guides you through the key architectural features of traditional stone buildings using a 3-dimensional virtual environment, and allow you to test your identification of the features using a virtual camera. The content is particularly appropriate for students of architecture and design or those learning the skills of stone repair and maintenance, though may also be appropriate for anyone in the construction industry, civil engineering, or physical arts.

  • Learners can interactively experiment online by selecting different techniques to solve construction problems. At the end of the experiment in each module, there is a short test which is scored, followed by the opportunity to complete either an online or a hard copy lab report, as used when conducting real-time experiments. Topic areas covered are: Moisture content; Efflorescence; Damp proof learning byte; Corrosion; Capillary action; Density; Solid density; Surface tension; Water absorption.

  • Virtual construction site set in a 3D environment, featuring a series of interactive activities to develop understanding of health and safety issues within the construction industry. Topics covered include accident reporting, safety signage, site inspection procedures, hazardous materials, personal protective equipment, safe lifting and handling.

  • A simulated learning environment allows users to interact with virtual tutors and develop understanding of fire hazards and the safety procedures that should be carried out to minimise risk and deal with a fire safely, and the range of appropriate fire extinguishers. The learning byte is available in two language options - English and Polish.

  • Animated look at how building materials and methods can impact on the health of buildings by affecting their ability to breath and get rid of excess moisture.

  • Developed by East Kilbride Group Training Association and learndirect scotland. This training program should not be undertaken without support from a qualified electrical engineering tutor. Working through the program will allow you to discover many of the common electrical elements that are found in modern buildings, explore a wealth of resources covering electrical theory and undertake practical electrical tasks in a virtual environment.

  • Designed to introduce the learner to basic engineering concepts, terminology and current working practices, providing learners with an insight into modern engineering practices and to cover some of the skills required to complete an SVQ in Performing Engineering Operations

  • In this learning byte Jack and Sandie from Ur Our Business are here to give you all the advice you need to run your own business. The characters (a husband and wife team) guide you through the a range of skills required in running a small construction business, including legal issues, finance and record keeping, and how to estimate costs and quote for work effectively.

  • This learning byte will guide you through the processes involved in cutting and shaping stone blocks from the safety of a 3-dimensional virtual stone masonry workshop.